How to Use Telegram Without Phone Number or SIM


Today, Telegram is one of the safest messengers. Most users prefer to use it, because the creators of the popular platform have taken maximum care of the safety of information in the process of data transfer.

Moreover, earlier Telegram was even more anonymous: only a username and password were needed to register. This made the platform more attractive and safer for those who did not want to share their data. 

Now, it's impossible to register an account without a personal phone number, because you have to enter a code that is sent when you register. But what about people who still don't want to share their personal information, much less provide a contact number?

Signing up for Telegram without using a SIM card

The answer is simple: buy a virtual number. It will be exactly the same resource with which you will pass a full registration, while avoiding the need to leave your data. Our 365SMS platform has prepared a brief instruction on how to buy a number and what to do with it next.

1. Registration for

In the upper right corner of the site you will see the "Register" button.

By clicking on it, a field will appear in which you must enter your email, come up with a password and agree to the terms of use.

2. Balance refill

In order to buy a virtual number, you will need quite real money. Consequently, we replenish the balance. The active button is also located in the upper right corner.

You can top up your balance with more than 12 payment systems.

3. Choice of country and service

Our service provides the opportunity to buy virtual numbers of any country and for any purpose.

Choose the desired country, and then look in the list for the name of the messenger for which you want to buy a number.

Click on the purchase icon and go to the interaction page with the number.

4. Registration confirmation code

Once you are given a virtual number, copy it and enter it on the Telegram registration page.

Go back to the service and click the "Ready" button in the form of an orange checkmark, after which the platform will be ready to accept the confirmation code.

The SMS is received automatically. As soon as it arrives, the number will be indicated next to the number. Copy it and paste it into the desired field.

Done! Your account is successfully registered.

5. Completing the work

When the registration is complete, click "Confirm and finish work with this number" on the 365SMS service page..

That's all. You have created a new profile in Telegram, and used a virtual number, which will allow you to remain completely anonymous.

We hope that the work with the platform was comfortable, and our instruction helped you quickly and without unnecessary problems to make a purchase.

Buy a number for any service in two clicks? No problem with 365SMS!