How to create a Google, YouTube and Gmail account without a phone number


Google is a unique company that gave us not only the fastest search engine, but also the ability to use Gmail and the video service YouTube.  

More often than not, when you create a Gmail or Youtube account, you will need a phone number. Now it's a prerequisite for registration. But what if your number is already being used in another account, or if you prefer to remain private?

Today, we're going to tell you a few ways to get around Google's mobile confirmation requirement, including the ability to use a virtual number.

Method 1: Create an account on the Android mobile device

If your mobile device runs on Android, we are ready to offer a working algorithm for creating an account without a phone number.

1. Open the "Settings" tab
2. Find "Accounts" and open it.
3. Select "Add an account" and from the list of accounts, select Google
4. You will see a workspace where you can enter your existing email or create a new account.
5. At the very bottom, find "Create Account".
6. Then select from the options offered: for yourself / for business.
7. Enter your date of birth, gender.
8. Choose an email address from those offered by the service, or make up your own.
9. Think of a password and enter it twice.
10. After that you will see a window where you will be asked to enter your phone number. There will be a "Skip" button in the lower left corner. 
11. Then the terms of service will appear, where you can check if all the data is entered correctly.
This completes the procedure. The account is created and ready to use.

Advantages of this method:

  • high speed of account creation;
  • simplicity;
  • can be done from a mobile device.

The disadvantages of this method:

  • your Google account is completely unprotected;
  • If you lose your email password, you won't be able to recover it.

Despite the fact that the method is very working, it is not entirely reliable and safe.

Method 2. Set the age less than necessary

According to Google's rules, accounts of people under the age of 18 do not need phone verification, as they may not have one.
This is one of the easiest methods to create a Google, Gmail, Youtube account.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to Gmail.
  2. Select "Create an account".
  3. Fill in all the required fields and click "Next".
  4. At the point where the platform asks for your age, set it at the point where it looks like you are 15 years old or younger.
  5. Do not fill out the cell phone number box.
  6. Accept the account terms of use.

Done. This method also works, but unfortunately it has the same disadvantages as the first one: your account cannot be secured.

Method 3. Buy a virtual number

This algorithm is absolutely legal and safe. It is also the most effective. If you really need an email that you will use for a long time, it is better to link it to your phone number. We'll tell you more about how to do this.

There are a huge number of services that allow you to get a virtual number to receive sms for use in registration on a variety of platforms: online stores, dating sites, social networks, etc. Are all of these services proven and honest? Certainly not. But today we will tell you about the most reliable and simple, which will help you to buy a number in minutes. We are talking about 365SMS.

How to use it?

1. Go to the service site and do a quick registration. To do this, click the button in the upper right corner of the site and fill out the form with your email and password

2. Getting to know the interface of the platform. The main page of the site describes in detail all the advantages of the service, as well as a brief instruction on how to use it.

On the left side there is a panel where you can select the country, as well as the service for which you plan to receive SMS confirmation.

3. Before you register, you will need to recharge your 365SMS account to purchase the number. In the upper right corner next to the name of your account you will see the "Refill" button.
4. Now let's prepare a registration form for a Google account, so that we can quickly acquire a number and receive a text message for it.

Go to the Gmail site and click "Create an account".

Fill out the registration form.

In the second part, the platform will ask you to enter your phone number.

Once we have your phone confirmation account ready, you can go back to the 365SMS platform and proceed to purchase the number.
5. In the panel on the left side of the site choose the country of registration and the service for which we get it

Next to the price, we click on the shopping cart icon. Thus, we purchase a number for 20 minutes to receive a message on it with a confirmation code.
6. In the "Activations" tab, you will see a panel like this.

7. Fill in the phone number we received.

An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to your phone number, which you will need to copy and paste.
8. SMS activation may take several minutes. Don't worry: we have 20 minutes to spare.
9. As soon as the SMS arrives, a six-digit code will appear in the "Code from SMS" column.

Copy it and paste it into the registration field.
10. Then you will see the usual tab with the terms of use, which must be accepted by pressing the button at the very bottom.

Finishing the job

Once the number for Google has been successfully obtained and activated, click the checkbox on the 365SMS platform.

This completes your work with the number.
In the "History" tab you can see all the operations that have been performed from your account.

What should you do if the SMS never came? You don't have to worry. The operation is considered successful only if the number received an SMS for activation within 20 minutes. If for some reason this did not happen, the money for the number will return to your balance, and you can buy a new number to confirm.
Done! Use your account for Google searches, Gmail, and YouTube browsing. Always happy to help!